The World Peace Through Technology Organization presents

The 19th annual
How Weird Street Faire

Sunday May 6, 2018

The Disco Ball Inferno

How Weird Street Faire


Thanks to all who participated in the 19th How Weird Street Faire!

And thanks to San Francisco for staying weird and wonderful!

How Weird 2018

The center art this year was the
ZOA sculpture from Chromaforms Art Collective.

Thanks for bringing the weirdest disco ball in the world to How Weird!


Here is an interactive 360 video of How Weird 2018

(Click on the video and scroll around to see in all directions.)


In the not too far away future, we shall harken back to a simpler time, a funkier time, a more colorful time. It was a time of bellbottoms and big collars. A time of big cars and bigger hair. A time when lava lamps lit the land, and rocks were pets. Remember when fun was really fun?

The Fantastic Towering Disco Ball and the Far Out Funky Inferno.
Can You Dig It? It’s Out of Sight!

After 9,777 years of civilization, we all need weird.
Coming to a street faire near you!*

Join us as we gather the tribes once again to celebrate peace, dance together in the streets, be inspired by art, shop exotic stores, make new friends and greet old ones, generate waves of joy, and expand our consciousness.

The theme for 2018 is a parody of the 1970s,
a time of high weirdness and much dancing.

Feel the funk! Be the boogie! Get groovy!



How Weird 2018 poster

The 19th annual How Weird Street Faire
will take place on Sunday May 6, 2018
from Noon to 8pm in downtown San Francisco.
The event is centered at Howard and 2nd Streets,
in the heart of the city’s technology and art sectors.
Filling in the faire will be thousands of people in colorful costumes dancing in the streets.

Admission is $20 at the entrances,
$15 in advance.


Celebrate the first How Weird Day!

The city of San Francisco has officially made May 6, 2018 “How Weird Day”
so we’re having a How Weird Day Parade to celebrate.
The How Weird Day Parade will start at 2:22 pm at Howard & 1st Streets,
and stop at the Green Alley stage for a reading of the San Francisco Proclamation.
Emperor Norton I will be leading the parade.
And Mission Delirium will be performing throughout the parade.
Come join us in your finest weird attire!


With 10 stages of world-class electronic music
to dance the day away!


The How Weird Street Faire is a project of the non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization, proving that peace is possible. See why San Francisco is still at the vanguard of creativity, artistic expresssion, and conscious development.

Celebrate peace and weirdness at the greatest street faire in the galaxy.

Experience the fun. Feel the magic. Be weird!

Howard & 2nd Streets, San Francisco, Earth
37°47’12.4″ N, 122°23’53.7″ W





How Weird Marketplace

A unique and designer shopping experience
with vendors from around the world and delicious food and drinks.
Find new things for the 2018 festival season!


How Weird Music Stages

Cutting-edge electronic dance music and live performances
on 10 stages produced by…
CCC (Consortium of Collective Consciousness)
Muti Music, Enchanted Forest, Northern Nights
Opel and Opulent Temple
Tantra and Fusion
Six Degrees Records
Mountain Lion Hi-Fi
Think You Can DJ

There will be printed schedules at the faire!


How Weird Art Alley

Art Alley on Tehama Street
Featuring inspiring live and exhibited artwork.
Plus local arts and crafts vending, and downtempo music from SomaFM!


Green Alley at How Weird

Green Alley on Tehama Street
Featuring cannabis related exhibits, educational talks, and visionary presentations.
Plus groovy music from Six Degrees Records!

There will be no sales of cannabis at the faire.


Magic Passes

$20 for a Magic Pass at the faire entrances.

Enjoy all that the faire has to offer!

The Magic Pass is your way to support the faire, and get something in return…
specials, discounts, fun activities, free things,
and more magic than ever! Your contribution keeps the faire going.

The Magic Pass will be required for entry to the faire this year.
You can save money and time when you arrive with presale Magic Passes!
They are $15 in advance.

And if that is still too much, there will be volunteer opportunities and many contests to win passes.

Get presales HERE or on Eventbrite…


Come as your true self. space disco


A video of How Weird 2017
with music by Andreilien who played at the faire.


Here’s a music video of How Weird 2016 from Microcosmic and Dimension7,
with lots of colorful scenes from the faire, starring you…
the dancers, the artists, the weird of San Francisco.
A celebration of peace unlike any other!


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Can you dig it?



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World Peace Through Technology

The How Weird Street Faire is a project of the non-profit
World Peace Through Technology Organization

Inspiring peace through music, art, ideas,
connections, understanding, and raising consciousness.

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