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The main entrance is at Howard and New Montgomery Streets, near MUNI, the Montgomery BART station, the Transbay Terminal, and Caltrain Station. The other entrances are at 2nd & Mission Streets, 2nd & Folsom Streets, and Howard & 1st Streets. Bike parking is at New Montgomery & Natoma Streets. There is a taxi area at 1st Street & Howard.


The How Weird Street Faire takes place in the heart of the SoMa district of San Francisco. It is centered at Howard & 2nd Streets, a few blocks south of Market Street, and a block east of Yerba Buena Gardens. The coordinates are 37°47’12.4″ N, 122°23’53.7″ W


If you drive, there are now paid meters on Sundays. For short stays, you can go to the parking garage at 5th & Mission Streets. For a special all-day rate one block from the faire, you can go to Ace Parking at 55 Hawthorne Street, and you can also reserve those spots.

Bike parking?

This year there will be self-service bike parking on Natoma Street, with an entrance on New Montgomery Street. Park your bike before entering the faire. Please lock your bike over the top of the barricades, not on the side. There will be security watching the bikes.

UFO parking?

The designated Flyer Saucer landing zone is at 37°47’11.11″ N, 122°23’53.90″ W
Motherships can hover over the giant pit.

Handicapped accessible?

Yes, the faire is handicapped accessible. It is at street level, on the streets.

Glass bottles?

Glass bottles are not allowed in the faire, according to city law. Weapons are not allowed either. Bags will be searched at the entrances to the faire.


Smoking is not allowed at any city street fairs. You must leave the faire area to smoke.


Please don’t leave your trash on the ground. Ever. There will be recycling and compost containers throughout the faire. Green Mary will once again oversee the diversion of most of our waste from landfills.


How Weird is a place where all are welcome. The faire is open to all ages, but we recommend ear plugs or head phones for small children.


We strongly discourage bringing pets to How Weird, because of the large crowds and loud noise.

What does it cost?

How Weird asks for a $10 donation, to help pay for the faire and keep it going. And in return you get a coveted Magic Sticker.

Are the Stickers really magical?

Yes, they are. They come with hundreds of dollars of savings, plus many free things. And they make you look great!

Are costumes really required this year?

Yes, they are. You can go as yourself, or go as someone else. We recommend something colorful, creative, fun, and weird. Weird is always in style. Space-related costumes are big this year!


Nudity is not encouraged at How Weird. We want people to feel comfortable at the faire. Everyone is required to come in costume.

Lost and found?

The lost and found area is located in the back of 111 Minna, in the How Weird staff area. This is also where EMTs are located.

If you have any lost or found items, please let us know. We didn’t get many items returned to us, but we will do all we can to help.

What is the magic number?

Some say it is 3. Others say it is 1.618. But the answer is 42.

Why “How Weird”?

How Weird is a play on the name Howard Street, which is where the faire takes place. It also describes the people at the faire, especially when in costume. The word “Howard” is an Old English word meaning “noble watchman”. It is also the surname of William Davis Merry Howard, after which the street in San Francisco is named. He was a gifted mimic who improvised theatricals, as well as funding the city’s first public school, first hospital, first fire engine, and first churches. He lived from 1819 to 1856, and was described by his friends as a “bold operator” and a jester.


Howard Street memorial

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