Art Alley

Art Alley

Art Alley gets a new home, and will now be on
Tehama Street between 2nd Street and 1st Street.

Here you will find live and exhibited art in an expanded setting,
mixed with music and a game show,
and local artisan / maker / crafts vending.

Live Painting and Art

ArtIsMobilUs Exhibitions

Outside Mural Gallery

Body and Face Painting

The AnyBodyCanPaint “Happiness Wall”


Darren Minke
Sean Murdock
Brad Bernahrdt
Cory Skwared
Jefferey Henry
Doug Rhodes
Jermiah Allen Welch
Matthew DeGrado
Jennifer Michelle Long
Max Ehrman
Jake Kobrin
Telopa Treloky
Elijah Pfotenhauer
FJ Alton


Art Alley is curated by ArtIsMobilUs, featuring two of their art buses.

ArtIsMobilUs is a non-profit mobile public art gallery and roving arts incubator bringing art to people everywhere, while providing a platform for exhibition, collaboration, creative interactivity, and arts education. They were the first mobile art incubator in the country.

If you want to exhibit your art in Art Alley (painting, photography, mixed-media) please contact ArtIsMobilUs directly at


Art Alley at How Weird 2014

How Weird 2011- Art Alley

Art Alley



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