This year’s theme is Weirdi Gras, and in keeping with the Mardi Gras theme, all stages and parades will be produced by “krewes”. A krewe is simply a group or crew of people. In New Orleans, and throughout the South, the parades of Mardi Gras have traditionally been organized by krewes of community members striving to have fun while bringing mystical and magical things to the lives of those around them.

Let the weird times roll!
Laissez les bizarre temps rouler!



Mystic Krewe of Knowledge
“Providing knowledge, known and unknown.”
Parade and more by the Info Booth.

Nights of Weirdness
“When the going gets dark, is that a penguin?”

“Bobbing above your heads.”

Krewe of Silly Walks
“Walking weird the proper way.”

Hyphy Hive
“With bursts of glitter and flashes of neon yellow and black, the swarming Hyphy Hive will draw the crowds of How Weird into the power of the bee-hive.”
Spontaneous happenings.

Arboreal Bass Invaders
“Galactic guardians of flora, fauna, freaks, and festivals.”
Music stage by Groove Garden and Enchanted Forest.

Mermaid Parade with the Stylisms Krewe
Stylisms poses the question, “How would Mermaids parade?
Parade at 6pm starting at the Marching Band Stage.

Babylon Burning Krewe
“Specializing in therapeutic riddims of Weirdibeats and Fairidust.”
Music stage by Muti Music, World Famous Productions, and Basscraft.

Oranges for Peace
“Peace is always appealing.”

Party Time Krewe
“Our intent is all for your delight.”
Music stage and environment by Pulse SF, Space Shaping, and PK Sound.

Krewe of Apollo
“Apollo is the God of light, sun, music, and poetry; this year the Suns of Temple will honor Apollo by bringing beats to blast under the golden sun.”
Music stage by Temple Nightclub.

Intergalactic Prophylactic Krewe
“Protecting the universe since planck time.”
Music stage by Party Babas, Red Marines, Psycircle, and Happy Camp.

Strange Dayz Krewe
“Long time bringers of big beats and eye candy treats, the weird and wonderful will be found at the nexus of the O Pod.”
Music stage by Opel, Opulent Temple, and Urge Productions.

Mistick Krewe of Jibboo
“You can smell the colors.”
Music stage by Symbiosis.

Feast of the Epiphany
“Yummy visions.”
Music stage by SWAG.

Strange Krewe de Pink House
“Purveyors of fine beats.”
Music stage by Pink Mammoth and SF House Music.

Zorgs Krewe of Doom
“Conjoining body movers from different sects to create a more rounded double-headed Zorg, transforming dance styles in languages friendly to alien visitors.”
Music stage by The Boombox Affair.

The Weird Krewe
“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
General weirdness.



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