You can get Pre-sale Magic Stickers here, as well as the Exceptionally Weird Experience.


Pre-sale Magic Stickers are available for $11.11
in limited quantities, and after that only $15.

Save money, save time with a faster entrance when you arrive at the separate pre-sale entrance to the faire, and show your early support! For the first time, we are letting people purchase a Magic Sticker in advance, and then receive them when they get to the faire. Get them for your friends. They make great gifts. Everyone loves pre-Magic!

And if you really want to show your support for the faire in style, there will be a new Exceptionally Weird Experience available only through pre-sales. Treat yourself to a world of comfort with access to a special lounge with a view of the center intersection, filled with seating, a bar, 2 free drinks, bathrooms, and more! The extra weirdness is $50, and comes with the Magic Sticker.

To get the pre-sale Magic Sticker, go to the Evenbrite pre-sales page…

Or get them directly below…

How Weird Magic Sticker

 How Weird Pre-Magic