Introducing The New
How Weird Magic Sticker

The MAGIC STICKER is your way to support the faire and keep it going. And our way to give something back to you.

The How Weird Magic StickerThe faire has become very expensive to produce and relies on you to make it happen. At $10, the faire is an incredible deal, coming out to only $1 a stage for a day of entertainment. Wear a costume, and it's only $5. A tremendous bargain. But you could end up saving many times that amount through discounts and specials. All proceeds go to the non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization.

Continue to check this website for updated information, and a growing list of all the benefits of the MAGIC STICKER.


Magic Stickers are only available at the four entrances to the How Weird Street Faire between Noon and 6pm.


The How Weird Magic StickerIf you would like to offer some magic to the sticker, contact

Thanks to our generous and magical sponsors. Please support them for supporting the faire!

And thanks to Kourosh Gorji for the sticker design.

google map of How Weird Street Faire - Home of The Faire's Founder website by digipop
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