About the Tenth Annual How Weird Street Faire

The 10th annual How Weird Street Faire will be Sunday May 10th from Noon to 7pm.

In its binary year, the faire seeks to rewire our way of thinking towards peace, by rebooting the motherboard. The How Weird Street Faire shows that peace can be fun.

There will be ten blocks of art and celebration, and ten stages of music. There will be performances and colorful costumes, vendors from around the world with unique and creative wares, non-profit organizations to educate and inspire, exotic food and drinks, and much more! And in honor of our tenth year, we are introducing a MAGIC STICKER, which gives back to the community for supporting the faire.

The How Weird Street Faire showcases many different types of electronic music. The music stages are produced by local collectives and music organizations working together for peace. This year will include stages by the Consortium of Collective Consciousness, Symbiosis, Kontrol, Sunset, Neuroweapon, Muti Music, Brass Tax, Temple Nightclub, Opel, Opulent Temple, Tantra, Groove Garden, Mystic Beat Lounge, Le Harem, and Earthdance.

This year, the How Weird Street Faire will encompass Howard Street between 1st Street and New Montgomery, 2nd Street between Mission and Howard, and all four blocks of Minna St. and Natoma St. off of 2nd Street. The new location, in the heart of the SoMa district, is a short walk to Yerba Buena Gardens and the museum district, as well as the Montgomery BART and several MUNI stops.

The four faire entrances are all near BART and MUNI: at Howard & New Montgomery, 2nd St & Mission, Howard & 1st St, 2nd St & Folsom. Bike parking is at Howard & New Montgomery.

The Faire Zones:

The Urban Crop Circle (the center intersection) - featuring the city's newest park, with a pyramid rising above the grass. The faire's center will host performances throughout the day, and be surrounded by music and dancing. There will be four stages of dance music at the intersection, thanks to the Consortium of Collective Consciousness, Symbiosis, Neuroweapon, Muti Music, Kontrol, and Sunset. The center intersection is located at Howard and 2nd Streets, or more specifically 37*47'12.4" N, 122*23'53.7" W.

Anchor Stages - anchoring the faire at 2nd and Mission Street is a dance music stage by Tantra, and at Howard and 1st Street will be a dance music stage by Opel, Opulent Temple, and Temple Nightclub. Temple (located at 540 Howard St.) will also be open during the day for special activities, as well as for food.

Boombox - a new and improved giant Boombox returns to How Weird, thanks to dance music collective Brass Tax. The Boombox will be on Howard Street, under the bridge. Come dance under the bridge before they tear it down this summer (along with much of the surrounding area).

Casbah Tent - come relax in a Middle Eastern tent on Howard Street, with belly dancing performances every half hour, thanks to Le Harem and friends.

International Alley - on the eastern side of Natoma Street will be internationally flavored grooves thanks to Groove Garden, Mystic Beat Lounge, Nonstop Bhangra, and Earthdance. There will be performances by different dance groups, as well as other surprises.

Ambient Alley - top notch downtempo music make this block of Minna Street the faire's ultimate chill zone.

Kid's Alley - a quieter area with no music. Here will be some games and performances.

Vendors - filling out the faire will be over 60 vendors from around the world, selling unique and creative wares. Look for the many discounts available with a MAGIC STICKER. Visit our Vendors page.

Food Courts - there will be food courts featuring a variety of options at Howard and New Montgomery Streets, and at 2nd and Mission Streets. There will also be three bars throughout the faire, with $1 off each drink with a MAGIC STICKER. Visit our Vendors page.

Rebooting the Motherboard

We live in a binary world, where computers control our communications, commerce, industry, and our knowledge about the world. But these computers have been programmed with old ways of thinking; focusing on separation and division, on conflict and competition, on individual needs over collective needs.

Already, these old paradigms are being shaken by the rise of social networks and the widespread availability of information. Digital tools offer the ability to instantly connect with anyone in the world and find common ground, bypassing the obstacles of cultural, political, or religious differences. Now is the time to reprogram our society towards peace; focusing on cooperation and a more complete understanding of ourselves and each other.

As our world becomes smaller and more interconnected, it is essential that we learn to live with one another peacefully. Climate changes, along with scarcities of food and water, will lead to potential conflicts unless we work together for our common needs. The How Weird Street Faire is an unique peace event, in that it celebrates the things that create peace, while demonstrating them on a large scale... showing peace is possible.

Mother's Day and peace

This year, the How Weird Street Faire coincides with Mother's Day, which is appropriate as Mother's Day has its roots as a peace holiday; from its earliest days as Mother's Work Days reconciling the former enemies of the Union and Confederacy while honoring mothers who had lost family in the Civil War, to its blossoming as the Mother's Day for Peace in the 1870's, to the first Mother's Day on May 10, 1908.

Throughout history, mothers have often led the fight against war. Come celebrate peace this Mother's Day at the How Weird Street Faire, and stop by the mothers altars at the center intersection. All mothers welcome.

A decade of weirdness

From a small gathering in 2000, outside of the original World Peace Through Technology Organization headquarters on Howard Street, to over ten thousand people last year at our new location further down Howard Street, the How Weird Street Faire has become a San Francisco tradition. The How Weird Street Faire celebrates San Francisco's creativity, community, and conscious awareness. The faire is also the unofficial start of the city's famous street fair season, attracting people from across the city and world.

The How Weird Street Faire brings together a wide range of eclectic styles and communities. For 10 years the faire has grown and expanded its experience of a place where diversity is celebrated, yet where our differences are fewer than our similarities. A place where common appreciations overpower prejudices. The How Weird Street Faire has made learning the foundations of peace as simple as walking down the street.

Come join the fun at San Francisco's most unique peace celebration!

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