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By Symbiosis and Raindance

(minimal techno and electro)

11:11am - 12pmThomas Cruzio (Symbiosis)
12pm - 12:45pmsTony (Symbiosis)
12:45pm - 1:30pmJon Holiday (Full Melt/Symbiosis)
1:30pm - 2:15pmPedro (COSM/Symbiosis)
2:15pm - 3pmCraig Kuna (Kontrol)
3pm - 3:45pmVery Special Guest
3:45pm - 4:30pmNicola Baytala (Kontrol)
4:30 - 5:15pmLittle John (Raindance)
5:15pm - 6pmMozaic (Nexus/Raindance)

Paz Lounge

By Lowpro Lounge and Supperclub

(glitch, breakbeats, drum and bass, live electronica)

11:11am - 11:45amBender (Lowpro)
11:45am - 12:30pmDjunya (NarcoHZ)
12:30pm - 1:15pmCitizen Ten (Lowpro)
1:15pm - 2:15pmFlying Skulls feat. Jtonal, Ribotto & Snareface (Lowpro)
2:15pm - 3:15pmLate Night Sneaky Live! feat Michael Anthony & B.Smiley w/ full band (Supperclub)
3:15pm - 4:15pmDJ's James Christopher & 2Cents on 4 decks feat MC's Audio Angel, Manny Vibes & Axiom MC (OutlawJunglist - Compression - Lowpro)
4:15pm - 5:15pmBLVD feat mc Souleye (Lowpro)
5:15pm - 6pmMajitope (Lowpro)

Dance into Action

By Opel, Deep End, and Opulent Temple

(house, electro, tech-funk, breaks)

11:11am - 12:15pmJ-Rod
12:15pm - 1pmDex Stakker
1pm - 1:45pmMike Giannini
1:45pm -2:30pmMelyss
2:30pm - 3:15pmHoj
3:15pm - 4pmClark
3:55pm - 4:05pmShamanic Cheerleaders
4:05pm - 5pmSyd Gris
5pm - 6pmKramer

Harmonic Rhythms

By Sunset / Pacific Sound and Om Records

(house music)

11:11am - 12:45pmGalen
12:45pm - 1:55pmRob G
1:55pm - 2:55pmSolar
2:55pm - 3:55pmFluid
3:55pm - 4:55pmJ-Bird
4:55pm - 5:55pmJoshua (IZ)

Rock in Peace, Earthlings

By Space Cowboys and the Unimog

(breaks, house, electro)

11:11am - 12:10pmMoody Eva
12:10pm - 1pmEvil Jason
1pm - 2pmShissla vs. Felix the Dog
2pm - 3pmMurpstar vs. Trav
3pm - 4pm8ball vs. Kapt'n Kirk
4pm - 5pmMancub
5pm - 5:55pmAaron Jae vs. Ernie Trevino

Global Grooves

By Groove Garden, Surya Dub, Electric Vardo, Non Stop Bhangra, Yoga Tai Chi Collective, Mystic Beat Lounge, and Earthdance

(trans-global funky grooves)

11:11am - 12pmSurprise Guest
12pm - 1pmSophia (Tutti Pazzi)
1pm - 2pmAmar (Electric Vardo)
2pm - 3pmCB (Yoga Tai Chi)
3pm - 4pmYossi Fine (ex-centric soundsystem)
4pm - 5pmDragonfly (Groove Garden)
5pm - 6pmJimmy (Non Stop Bhangra)

Tantric Consciousness

By CCC and Tantra


11:11am - 12pmSidrian
12pm - 1pmDJ Cybert vs. Dobbert
1pm - 2pmSaturnia
2pm - 3pmWichdokta vs. Liam Shy
3pm - 4pmKode IV
4pm - 5pmLiam Shy vs. Wichdokta
5pm - 6pmTim Tryptamine

Music Without Borders

By Muti Music and An-ten-nae


11:11am - 12pmOpening
12pm - 1pmNanda (Muti Music)
1pm - 2pmKitty D (Beat Church)
2pm - 3pmAna Sia (3WS)
3pm - 4pmDov (Muti Music / Cyberset)
4pm - 5pmLayerz / Audiovoid (Muti Music)
5pm - 6pmAn-ten-nae / Adam Ohana ( / Muti Music)

Sabaai-Sabaai Lily Lane

By Koinonea and Cyberset


11:11am - 12pmOpen
12pm - 1:30pmBetsy-La
1:30pm - 2:30pm...sneaky hippy...
2:30pm - 3pmIrina Mikhailova & band live
3pm - 4pmAlloy Trex
4pm - 5pmNeal
5pm - 6pmOutersect

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