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The How Weird Street Faire is Back

and continues to redefine what a peace celebration can be

The How Weird Street Faire is an experiment in creating peace, and a benefit for the non-profit World Peace Through Technology Organization. For its ninth year, faire is moving to a new location near downtown San Francisco. This year there will be seven city blocks filled with art and celebration, food and vendors from around the world selling unique and creative wares, and non-profit organizations to educate and inspire. And there will be performance artists and thousands of people in colorful costumes dancing in the streets.

The How Weird Street Faire has brought together many different types of people, who have created connections between communities. It has united them all in a common purpose, to celebrate peace. It has shown how individuals and communities can work together for a common goal. It has let people experience the reality of a place where cooperation is favored over competition, where diversity is celebrated, and where people can see that our differences are far fewer than our similarities. The How Weird Street Faire has made learning the foundations of peace as simple as walking down the street.

The How Weird Street Faire has grown from a small gathering outside of the original World Peace Through Technology Organization headquarters in 2000, to over ten thousand people last year. Because the faire had outgrown its home in the residential fringe of San Francisco's SoMa district, it sought a new location on the same street of Howard. The perfect location was found, on Howard Street between First and New Montgomery... in the heart of SoMa. The new location is a short walk to Yerba Buena Gardens and the museum district, as well as the Montgomery BART and several MUNI stops.

This year, the How Weird Street Faire will encompass Howard Street between 1st Street and New Montgomery, 2nd Street between Mission and Howard, and all four blocks of Minna St. and Natoma St. off of 2nd Street. There will be an urban crop circle at the center intersection of Howard and 2nd Streets.

The main entrances are on Howard Street & 1st Street and on Howard Street & New Montgomery (with bike parking). This is two blocks from the Montgomery BART and MUNI stop.

Music stages representing some of the best electronic music in the world will be found throughout the faire. This year will feature nine stages of music, each stage an exercise in peace by collaborations of collectives and artists; including CCC, Tantra, An-ten-nae, Muti Music, Raindance, Koinonea, Cyberset, Sunset, Om Records, Space Cowboys, Groove Garden, Mystic Beat Lounge, Earthdance, Surya Dub, Non Stop Bhangra, Electric Vardo, Yoga Tai Chi Collective, Symbiosis, Opel, Deep End, Opulent Temple, Lowpro Lounge, Supperclub, and more.

The How Weird Street Faire showcases many diverse genres of music, including Live Electronica, Downtempo, Breaks, Trance, House, Techno, Drum & Bass, World Beat, and too many other sub-genres to name. The How Weird Street Faire uses music to bring different kinds of people together and create a common bond. Dancing knows no boundaries or political affiliation. Music, more than any other form of communication, is able to transcend differences between people. It is through music and art that peace is always possible.

The How Weird Street Faire continues to support sustainable actions and education. This year, the faire is maximizing recycling and composting, aiming for zero waste. The faire utilizes many resource-saving and earth-sparing tools and tactics. All food vendor supplies are biodegradable, keeping it simple and compostable, with paper cups, paper plates, and napkins. All of the power for the faire is run on biodiesel, thanks to Green Sector. And there will be environmentally-themed carnival games provided by the Sustainable Living Roadshow. Electronics recycling is available through Green Citizen on 2nd and Howard Street (within the faire site). Green Mary will again be providing a waste diversion and eco-education campaign, featuring information on how you can make your life waste-free. Plus there will be water refill stations to reuse your plastic bottles. Please bike or take public transportation to the faire. Free bike parking provided by the SF Bicycle Coalition.

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Compost, Recycle in that order.

Although the old location will be missed, there is much excitement surrounding the unprecedented move of a popular street fair to a new location.

"We have established a warm relationship with our new neighbors and local businesses, and we are proud members of the Yerba Buena Alliance neighborhood association. The new location offers many advantages over the original location, including some of the best night time music venues in the city," explains Brad Olsen, Executive Director of the World Peace Through Technology Organization.

Introducing "How Weird At Night" from 6 pm to 2 am!

For the first time this year, the How Weird Street Faire will incorporate a full evening program into the festivities with "How Weird At Night". At 6pm, the faire moves indoors to several prime locations located immediately within the faire site footprint, and one only two blocks away. Stages from the faire will be hosting music and other performances at venues including Club NV, Temple, Supperclub, 111 Minna Gallery, and more. The evening costs only $10 for the first venue, and $5 for each additional venue. The evening venues are 21 and over only. Full details will be posted on this website, including line-ups, schedules, and a map of all the activities.

Come join San Francisco's most unique peace celebration!

The How Weird Street Faire would like to thank all of the individuals and organizations that support us!

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