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The four faire entrances this year are at Howard and 1st Streets, Howard and New Montgomery Streets, Folsom and 2nd Streets, and at Mission and 2nd Streets. They are all near the Montgomery BART station, Transbay Terminal, Caltrain Station, and MUNI. We strongly recommend taking public transportation to the faire. There is also a car/taxi waiting area at 1st Street and Howard. We recommend arriving early to avoid lines and see all of the faire. The faire starts at Noon.


There will be printed maps inside of the 2019 Faire Guide, along with the music stage schedules, magic specials, and much more. Grab one on your way into the faire! Or stop by the Info Booth at the center of the faire.


The How Weird Street Faire takes place in the heart of the SoMa district of San Francisco. It is centered at Howard & 2nd Streets, a few blocks south of Market Street, and a block east of Yerba Buena Gardens. The coordinates are 37°47’12.4″ N, 122°23’53.7″ W

Car parking?

If you drive, it can be hard to find parking. For short stays, you can go to the parking garage at 5th & Mission Streets. ParkWhiz shows available parking nearby, which you can book online. You can also find parking spots nearby through Parkopedia.

Bike parking?

This year there will be bike parking on Natoma Street, with an entrance on New Montgomery Street. Park your bike before entering the faire. Please lock your bike over the top of the barricades, not on the side. There will be security watching the bikes.

UFO parking?

The designated Flyer Saucer landing zone is at 37°47’16.62″N, 122°23’53.92″W

Handicapped accessible?

Yes, the entire faire is handicapped accessible. It is at street level.


How Weird is a place where all are welcome. The faire is open to all ages, but we recommend ear plugs or headphones for children. Children 12 and under do not need to purchase passes.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not allowed at the How Weird Street Faire this year, because of problems. Only service dogs can enter the faire.

What about other animals?

We strongly discourage bringing pets to How Weird, because of the large crowds and loud noise.

What can’t I bring to the event?

Do not bring glass bottles or weapons, they are not allowed inside the faire. Bags and people may be searched going into the faire.

What can I bring to the event?

Please bring smiles, a colorful costume, and an open mind.

What is this year’s theme?

The theme for How Weird 2019 is “Time Warp: A Love Story”. It is a celebration of time, including a dance-off between the 1880s and the 1980s, and our 20th year. We’re going back to the 80s and inaugurating our 20s, while still being present in the cutting-edge of Now… which is also the Future, according to the third How Weird theme.

1880s v 1980s

What does it cost?

The cost for a Magic Pass is $20. And in return you get an experience of a lifetime. You can save money by getting presale Magic Passes, which start off at $11.11 and then go to $15 .

Are the Passes really magical?

They sure are. They come with lots of savings, exciting specials, plus many free things.

Is there a VIP area?

This year there will be no VIP section. The VIP area is being extended to cover the entire faire and it’s included in the regular Magic Pass. Everyone’s important at How Weird this year!

Are costumes really required?

Yes, they are. You can go as yourself, or go as something else. We recommend something colorful, creative, fun, and weird. Weird is always in style. Fashions from the 1880s and the 1980s are big this year.

How weird are you?

This is the question that has confounded humanity since the dawn of time. Weirdness is relative, each person has a different perspective. We think of being weird as being creative and fun and unique, having a fresh and exciting way of seeing the world, always inventing new ways to do things. After years of deliberations, we have determined that we are pretty weird. But there is always something weirder.


Nudity is not encouraged at How Weird. It often upsets others, and we don’t want that. So everyone is asked to come in costume. But be aware that there may be some nudity.

Are there ins and outs?

Yes, there are ins and there are outs.

What time should I arrive?

Arrive at Noon. The faire starts at noon, and you don’t want to miss any of the fun. The music will also start at noon. And the vendors will be open at noon. Even Art Alley will be shining at noon.

What about rain or bad weather?

The How Weird Street Faire is a rain or shine event. We hope for shiny days.

You sure get a lot of questions.

Technically, that is not a question. But the answer is yes.

Weird Capacitor

Can I DJ/play at How Weird?

Each stage decides their own line-ups. The music stages are produced by awesome people who do their best to create an amazing experience. We trust their expertise. The faire does not book any DJs or bands.

Can I fire dance at How Weird?

Unfortunately no. The city does not give us the permits necessary for fire dancing, and the faire has become too crowded.

Do I have to dance? What if I’m not a good dancer?

It doesn’t matter how good you are. What matters is whether or not you are having fun. If the music moves you, please dance however you want… as long as you are not stepping on other people. Everyone is free to interpret the music in their own way through their dancing. The more diverse the interpretations the better.

Woodsy Owl

What should I do with trash?

Please don’t leave your trash on the ground. There will be trash, recycling, and compost containers throughout the faire. It’s hard to dance if there is trash on the ground.


By city law, there is no smoking allowed in street fairs. You can leave the faire if you want to smoke.

Lost and found?

Lost and Found is located in the Info Booth, where you will also find answers to all of your faire questions.

What is the magic number?

Some say it is 3. Others say it is 1.618. But we suspect the answer is 42.

What do I get if I answered every question correctly?

Your awesomeness will be legendary throughout the galaxy.

Howard Street sign

Why is it called “How Weird”?

How Weird is a play on the name Howard Street, which is where the faire takes place. It also describes the people at the faire, especially when in costume. The word “Howard” is an Old English word meaning “noble watchman”. It is also the surname of William Davis Merry Howard, after which the street in San Francisco is named. He was a gifted mimic who improvised theatricals, as well as funding the city’s first public school, first hospital, first fire engine, and first churches. He lived from 1819 to 1856, and was described by his friends as a “bold operator” and a jester.

What is the purpose of How Weird?

The faire aims to inspire peace through music, art, ideas, raising consciousness, and the benevolent uses of technology.

Why do you want to raise consciousness, and what does that mean?

We mean raising the level of awareness and understanding that people have, and helping them reach a place where the connections between all people become apparent. At a wider level of understanding, it is easier to see common interests and similarities, and view the world from other perspectives. This creates an environment where peace can flourish. Collectively, we are faced with severe challenges that need to be addressed in a fresh way. Awareness, as any psychologist will tell you, is the first step to change. As Albert Einstein noticed, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Why can’t the How Weird Street Faire be every day?

Because then it would be normal, and that’s the one thing How Weird can never be.

   Authenically weird.

Doing the Time Warp