April 23rd, 2000
10am - 6pm

The World Peace Through Technology Organization in conjunction with the CCC at 1559 Howard are planning the "How Weird Street Faire" to support its millennial World Peace & Technology Tour ( and we would like your support. We are planning to close Howard Street between 11th and 12th and Layfette between Howard and Natoma to car traffic. We are following city regulations and are in the process of securing all the necessary permits for hosting this event. Event needs such as portable toilets, security, and clean-up will be provided. No food and beverages will be supplied other than what's available from local merchants. The "How Weird Street Faire" event will feature street vendors who will sell clothes and merchandise only. The event will also appropriate free exhibit space to nonprofit agencies in the Bay Area and others with a world peace or environment agenda.

Primary entertainment for the event will include two sound stages at both blocked-off ends of Howard Street. One sound stage (Howard & 12th) will be at ground level, the other (Howard & 11th) will incorporate an elevated stage with a ramp. The entertainment at these two stages will include: electronic dance music, live performances, and dynamic speakers. We will also block of a portion of Layfette Street for what is being described as "Street Performance Alley." Entertainment scheduling for events is TBA. Audience participation, such as dressing up in costume and "play along acting," is highly encouraged.

Free Valet Bike Parking -- bring your bike to the bike lot at the corner of 11th and Howard. Parking services are being provided by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the event's production manager Brad Olsen at 415-552-3628. For those interested in getting involved there will be a neighborhood meeting at 1559 Howard on March 24rd at 8 pm. See you there!