How Weird 2014 Event Horizon Stage

How Weird is proud to host some of the
best music, DJs, and sound systems on the planet,
featuring the full range of electronic dance music styles.
Come dance to the vibrations of peace!

How Weird Music Stages

The dancing soundtrack for How Weird 2019 will be provided by…


Pulse SF presents
Psyami Vice

Bootie SF and Heavy Petting Zoo’s
Excellent Mashup Adventure

Mountain Lion Hi-Fi presents
The Reggae Revival

Opulent Chill presents
The How Opulent Chill Time Warp Stage

Six Degrees Records presents
The Green Alley Stage

Muti Music + Northern Nights present
8Oh8 Stage

The Consortium of Collective Consciousness present
Liquid Sky

Raindance + Inorbit

Temple Nightclub



How Weird 2019 - Pulse SF Stage

Bootie Mashup & HPZ stage at How Weird 2019

Opulent Chill stage at How Weird 2019

How Weird 2019 - Mountain Lion Hi-Fi Stage

Green Alley Music Stage 2018

CCC stage at How Weird 2019

CCC Music Stage 2018


How Weird music and dance