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The Magic Sticker is your way to support How Weird and keep it going.
They come with lots of savings, fun specials, and many free things!

The faire has become very expensive to produce and relies on you to make it happen.
At $20, the faire is an incredible deal. And you could end up saving many times that amount
through the many discounts and specials that make the stickers magical.
Plus you get a collectible Magic Sticker that makes you look great!

We recommend getting the brand new pre-sale Magic Sticker.

How Weird Magic Sticker


You help to keep the faire going and show your support

How Weird bars
$1 off beer, wine, and sake.

Peace Chain
Free weird sticker.

House of Honore
Free juggling lessons.

Crystal Vortex
Free quartz crystal.

Fat Freddys Creations
Free wood pins and stickers.

Free special reiki blessing.

Hyper Dimensional Distribution
Free glass quills.

Kinetic Couture
Free tassle plus 10-15% discounts.

Sweet Delights
Free Fries or Garlic Fries with any order.

Santa Cruz Tea Keepers
Free sticker and drinks 50% off.

Out of the Loft Clothing
Free colorful dreadlocks + 10% off any item.

Free gift and discount prices.

Lotuss Clothing Supply
50% off on any item.

Warrior Within Designs
50% off colorful velvet pants for men.

BoHo Lounge
20% off entire purchase.

Coboo Creations
Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” for 10% or 20% off.

Free wire ring with $20 purchase + 10% off $40 purchase.

Moonshine Divine Jewelry
15% off all items.

KAYO Anime Clothing
10% discount.

Sefirah Fierce Designs
$10 off any one item.

Buy any 2 Items and get 10% off.

$5 off on all items + necklaces for kids.

$5 off clip on ear accessories.

Native Sol
10% off purchase.

10% off purchases of $75 or more.

Mandalevy Designs
Buy 2 bracelets get the 3rd half price.

Holistic Hooping
But 2 hoops, get the 3rd half off.

Wacky Whistles
3 whistles for $10.

Kiss My Licorice
Seven ropes for $20.

Mr. Nice
Hot Dog + Ice Cream + Soda/Water for $10

Sunrise Deli
$1 off sandwiches.

and much, much more!


Check back for updated specials.