You can get presale Magic Stickers below, as well as the Exceptionally Weird VIP Experience.

Pre-MagicPresale Magic Stickers are available for only $15.

The presales have ended.
They are now only available at the faire entrances.

Save money, save time with a faster entrance when you arrive at the separate presale lines at the entrances to the faire, and show your early support! You can now purchase a Magic Sticker in advance, and then receive them when you get to the faire. Get them for your friends. They make great gifts. Everyone loves pre-Magic!

If you really want to show your support for the faire in style, get the Exceptionally Weird VIP Experience. Treat yourself to a world of comfort with access to a special lounge tucked away from the crowds. There will be couches, tables, chairs, a couple of bathrooms, and a bar. You will get two free drinks and a poster of the faire! It will be located in the Gasser Photo’s parking lot, surrounded by a walled outdoor photo art gallery. Enjoy the exclusive entertainment of ”Haus Serpens : Eating Erogenous”. Experience the ambient acrobatics of Hunny Bunny, live balloon bonanza with Snatch Adams, and the delicate delights of international burlesque performer Mercy Beaucoup. That’s quite an experience, and for only $50! And comes with the world famous Magic Sticker.



How Weird Pre-Magic

How Weird Magic Sticker