How Weird Art Alley

Art Alley is even bigger this year,
on Tehama Street from 2nd Street to 1st Street,
plus a new Art Alley Annex across 2nd Street.

How Weird Art Alley

Live art, exhibited art, and interactive art.
Plus local artisan / maker / crafts vending.
Be enchanted by the extraordinary creativity!

Featuring more than 25 live artists!

Art Alley is a place where multi-faceted dimensions converge and offer viewers a glimpse into cutting edge visionary art. Art Alley brings street art, face painting, body painting, and live sculpting to new heights. Come witness the expression of our most genuine self through art and creativity.

Art incorporates new perspectives and ways of being that make space for us to be who we are in relationship to each other; coexisting in our own unique brand of “weird” together… peacefully. Art acknowledges and celebrates our unique vibrational consciousness, as well as the things we all have in common.


Mark Henson
Gabriel Welch
Jonathan Solter
Derek Heinemann
Yurik Riegel
Rolando Art
Mathew DeGrado
Steven Haman
Bruce Lee
Dustin Derego

The Union will be performing on two mural presentations, as well as solo performances by featured artists. Plus a very special gallery performance by Rolando.


There will also be art and craft vending on Art Alley, showcasing local talent and creativity.


For more info contact artalley at



Come and be inspired!


Art Alley

How Weird 2015 - Art Alley

How Weird 2015 - Art Alley

Art Alley artists

Art Alley artists

Art Alley art

Art embraces diversity