How Weird Art Alley

Art Alley is on Tehama Street from 2nd Street to 1st Street.

How Weird Art Alley

Live art, exhibited art, and interactive art.
Plus local artisan / maker / crafts vending.
Be enchanted by the extraordinary creativity!

And there will be an interactive craft booth by the Museum of Craft and Design.

Art Alley will be curated by Doug Rhodes.


Art Alley

Art Alley is a place where multi-faceted dimensions converge and offer viewers a glimpse into cutting edge visionary art. Art Alley brings street art, face painting, body painting, and live sculpting to new heights. Come witness the expression of our most genuine self through art and creativity.

Art incorporates new perspectives and ways of being that make space for us to be who we are in relationship to each other; coexisting in our own unique brand of “weird” together… peacefully. Art acknowledges and celebrates our unique vibrational consciousness, as well as the things we all have in common.

Doug Rhodes explains, “I believe art changes our perceptions of the people and world around us, broadening our perspectives in ways that cultivate greater respect for humanity and nature.”

Art Alley will be overflowing with sensational delights this year, filling Tehama Street from 2nd to 1st Streets. At either end of Art Alley will be music stages from San Francisco cultural institutions. At 2nd Street there is ambient music from SomaFM, online radio pioneers who will broadcast their music during the day. At 1st Street there is downtempo to psytrance music from the CCC (or Consortium of Collective Consciousness), the artist collective which gave birth to the How Weird Street Faire and the World Peace Through Technology Organization.


Featured artists include…

Dan Gee
Ransom & Mitchell
Tom Calderon
Doug Rhodes
Cory Couch
Javier Rocabado
Don Bergland
Joseph Murdach
Santiago Insignares
Leon Loucheur
Lee Harvey Roswell
Rocky Angel
Brittney Sunquist
Alex Sodari
Andrea Fuenzalida
Natasha Price
Dylan Mertz
Danielle O’Malley


Face painting by Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine


Artwork from Ransom & Mitchell…

Ransom and Mitchell


Here is Doug Rhodes in his studio on Clarion Alley in San Francisco…

Doug Rhodes


Come and be inspired!



How Weird 2015 - Art Alley

How Weird 2015 - Art Alley

Art Alley artists

Art Alley artists

Art Alley art

Art embraces diversity