How Weird Street Faire Magic Sticker

Magic Stickers

The Magic Sticker is your way to support How Weird and keep it going. They come with lots of savings, fun specials, and many free things! The faire has become very expensive to produce and relies on you to make it happen. At $20, the faire is an incredible deal. And you could end up […]

How Weird Street Faire Music Stages

How Weird Music Stages

How Weird is proud to host some of the best music, DJs, and sound systems on the planet, featuring the full range of electronic dance music styles. Come dance to the vibrations of peace! The dance music stages are produced by Enchanted Forest and Muti Music and Northern Nights Underground Nomads and Hookahdome Think You […]

How Weird Street Fair

About How Weird Street Faire

  The festival season begins with the 16th annual How Weird Street Faire on Sunday April 26, 2015. For one day only, in the emerging heart of downtown San Francisco, there will be a sensational spectacle of art, music, and creativity. Join thousands of people in colorful costumes from around the world, who have come […]

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