Video Clips from the day of the event

Great video featuring excerpts from Michael Gosney's speech, Medicine Drum, Code IV and plenty of groovers. From ceiba records (quicktime, 7MB, sound)

The following clips were taken with the 'laptop cam' and are short and unedited with no sound. The clips were unfortunately recorded with proprietary, Windows only software. They are compressed into a zip file which contains an executable file which will automatically play the clip. Again, sorry windows only.

vendor booths - quick view of the vendors booths from above facing east
(6 secs, .25 MB)

howweird groovers - people dancing at the 12th st dance area, crowd shot
(62 secs, 1.9 MB)

bike parking - 2 of the fearless bike parkers and a bunch of bikes!
(20 secs, .7 MB)

howweird meter - if only all parking meters were as wise as this one
(21 secs, .6 MB)