Thank you letter from Brad 'Santosh' Olsen

Friends, trancers, countrymen, lend me your ears; I am not writing this appreciation letter to praise the How Weird Street Faire, but to put closure to it. The good that people do is often interred with their bones; so let it be with the How Weird Street Faire. The noble Santosh hath told you the How Weird Street Faire was ambitious; if it were so, it was a grievous fault ...

Many people participated, volunteered, and came out to celebrate the World Peace Through Technology Organization's first annual techno party in the streets of San Francisco. It was an event that truly went OFF, and only by the help of many people from the electronic dance community. We will do the How Weird Street Faire next year, and the year after that. Let this be a catalyst for real change in our personal lives, our neighborhood, nation, and precious blue-green planet. The trance community now has a voice, and it's time we flex our political muscle and make next year's event 10 times as big and better than this year's event.

Next year's event will be in the same location, but extend into the intersection of 12th Street and associated roads leading to the intersection. This will give us more room for sound stages, and next years event will go for two days so we can have more time to construct circus tents and the Blue Room domes. Certainly next year will require a considerable volunteer force to make it happen. Check back on this site for details as April 21-22, 2001 approaches. The name of next year's event is "How Weird Street Faire: A Space Odyssey," and on Sunday will be the first "How Weird Parade" where everyone can dress up as their favorite space alien or weird persona.

So until then, think good thoughts, reject violence, get involved, and respect all life. We must rediscover solidarity amongst ourselves before we can take real steps to preserve the planet. Every little bit helps!

Your friend in service of love and light,
Starfleet Commander